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Trendy Linux with Multitouch

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: the easiest Linux is the world is in the next round. Highlights of Ubuntu 10.10 besides Multitouch a custom Font, faster surface for Netbooks and enhanced Multimedia Features.

Easy, simple, Ubuntu: Whoever Ubuntu installed, gets in a few minutes show how easy Software but can be. With Ubuntu 10.10 (Codename Maverick Meerkat) is no different. There are some interesting new functions to the Linux Desktop and old friends, of which Windows a disc performance.

Optimal for Netbooks

Netbook Fans wars now the default Desktop Interface presented the Unity. The advantage: the place on small display screen on the left dockt optimally exploited, a bar for programs. Apropos Netbook: some Tools, such as the Outlook-replacement Evolution, are on the smaller Netbook Screens have been optimized. On the Desktop uses Ubuntu continue Gnome, currently the Version 2.32 . Anyone who cannot might either themselves or another variant, such as Kubuntu calibration, the KDE 4.5.1 uses.

Own Font and cool Tools
The new Ubuntu brings its own font with the default Font. It follows on the optics-Tuning the predecessor Version. The Ubuntu Font is delivered with source and is an Open-Type TTF font. As Fotoverwaltung Shotwell has finally prevailed. The Tool responsive when navigating the Fotostapel and also offers simple editing tools. In addition Shotwell even small slideshows demonstrate.

Current Software
Compared with the six months old predecessor Ubuntu 10.04 LTSWIRTSCHAFT are numerous upgrades and improvements had been built, Kernel 6.2.35 , ALSA Patches for besses sound card support, OpenOffice 3.2.1, Firefox 6.3.10 and Evolution 2.30 . The Software center, the Ubuntu Software Center was visually aufgepeppt and new functions. So there is now an area for the purchase of Software. So far, but only a Test-integrated application. Well done: you can have a History of installations in the Software Center.

Ubuntu 10.10 has a Software-Stack for Multitouch features built-in. With uTouch should in future programs via Gestensteuerung on Ubuntu Desktop hunting. However, there are no Ubuntu 10.10 customized programs it sees times from the included Test Tools for uTouch.

The verdict: fast, simple and well equipped
Who knows, is only Windows Ubuntu begeistert: Rapid Installation, good facilities, simple operation, here fits the general concept. With Unity shows Ubuntu, that the System also on small Netbooks well. The preinstalled Tools are measured selected, in the search for individual features help central focal points as the Software Center. Who wants to can get deeper into Linux with Ubuntu course. Otherwise, also understands the Distribution sent classical Shell tasks such as “resource” in small Tools swap.

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